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11 moments of George Clooney being George Clooney

Today is his birthday and he is quite the man.

TODAY IS GEORGE Clooney’s birthday.

He is now 52 (!) and whether he is rocking a full beard or hanging around with Brad Pitt he remains one of the coolest people in Hollywood.

To celebrate his big day, we’ve rounded up some instances of George Clooney very much being George Clooney.

1. When he was on E.R.

Clooney’s big break was his role as Dr. Ross on the hit medical drama ER.

Though he left after the 5th season (and the show would carry on for a grand total of 15 seasons) he still clocked up over 100 episodes on the show.

In fact he celebrated with the rest of the cast when they hit the 100 episode mark by having some cake (Why is Juliana Margulies so upset here?)

RENE MACURA/AP/Press Association Images

And Clooney even turned up on Friends playing a doctor very similar to his ER character when both shows were at their peak.

fraggleERfan / YouTUbe

2. When he had a pet pig

Nizon/Griffin/EMPICS Entertainment

Clooney famously had a pet pig Max for 19 years who he frequently mentioned in interviews.

There are very few actors who could pull off having their own pet pig but very few actors are George Clooney.

Sadly, Max passed away in 2006 and Clooney opted not to find a replacement.

3. When he wore this in the 80s

This kind of outfit wouldn’t work on lesser men but even in the 1980s George Clooney was so very George Clooney-ish that he could pull this off

AAD/EMPICS Entertainment

4. When he has a beard

George Clooney is rocking this beard in a way that only George Clooney ever could:

John Shearer/AP/Press Association Images

5. When he was called Sexiest Man Alive and wore this:

Clooney was named Sexiest Man Alive in 2006 and wore this rig out in self deprecating manner on US TV to celebrate:

RICHARD DREW/AP/Press Association Images

6. When he’s hanging out with the ladies

George Clooney may have held the Sexiest Man Alive title but he is also good at charming the ladies all on his own.

Here we see George charming Julia Roberts:

KEVORK DJANSEZIAN/AP/Press Association Images

George is clearly sending intense charm towards Madonna here:

BEBETO MATTHEWS/AP/Press Association Images

And even someone as icy and unusual as Tilda Swinton seems to be falling for the power of The Clooney here:

BEBETO MATTHEWS/AP/Press Association Images

7. When he’s being one of the lads

George is also great at being one of the lads.

For example his close relationship with Brad Pitt

Here they seem to be heading off to do lads things like enjoy a sports game and perhaps a beer:

Yui Mok/PA Archive/Press Association Images

George even had a handshake and polite man-kiss with fellow acting titan Daniel Day-Lewis

Mark J. Terrill/AP/Press Association Images

And even cracked a smile out of Brit-pop icon Jarvis Cocker:

Yui Mok/PA Archive/Press Association Images

8.  When he talks about his Irish roots

Apparently George’s ancestors come from Ireland as he tells noted Irish person Bono in this interview:

IrishCentral / YouTube

In fact, a documentary has been made about George’s Irish roots. It is called (wait for it) George Clooney’s Irish Roots.

The documentary has yet to air on TV here but it does feature Fiona Clooney talking about the Irish Clooney connection like in this interview below:

IrishHeritageTowns / YouTube

9. When he meets his fans

And seems a little embarrassed to be getting all that attention:

Ian West/PA Archive/Press Association Images

10. When he grimaces on the red carpet

To prove that he isn’t just suave as suave can be George is fond of a grimace on the red carpet.

ALASTAIR GRANT/AP/Press Association Images

Sometimes he might do a little dance:

KIPA KIPA PRESS/KIPA/Press Association Images

Or just seem a bit shocked at what is going on around him:

Ian West/PA Archive/Press Association Images

11. A rare moment of not being George Clooney

Even someone as effortlessly amazing as George Clooney still has this slightly embarrassing childhood picture to look back on:

This is George Clooney. Not joking.

via Imgur

Happy birthday George Clooney!

via Uproxx

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