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Meet George Two Legs, the internet's new favourite cat

He looks like a grumpy old man. He prefers to stand on two legs. He is magnificent.

WE HAVE HAD Grumpy Cat. We have had Lil Bub. Now, we have George Two Legs.

Yes – being a fickle mistress, the internet has decided to embrace George, a cat who prefers to stand on his hind legs, as its new favourite cat.

george2legs / Instagram

According to the Metro, George has “abnormally strong legs” for a cat, and likes to make the most of this by sitting on his back legs all the time.

Like this:

george2legs / Instagram

george2legs / Instagram

It helps that he also looks like an extraordinarily grumpy auld fella:

george2legs / Instagram

George has over 33,500 followers on his own personal Instagram account, and has become everyone’s new spirit animal:

Grumpy Cat who?

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