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Funny Spice

This Spice Girl is the most unintentionally hilarious Tweeter ever*

*We reckon so anyway.

AT THE MOMENT every celebrity is on Twitter and there are plenty of them who are genuinely hilarious

We’ve found someone whose tweets are amusing but we reckon unintentionally.

Allow us to present to you the actually hilarious tweets of Ginger Spice herself, Geri Halliwell.

It is 15 years this week since she left the Spice Girls, and she is STILL giving us good value.

1. Geri’s good morning greeting

“Happy but crumpled” – we’ve all been there

2. Her frank discussion of killer fruit

3. And Mel B’s saucy response

4. This tweet for the ladiez

5. A double entendre and questionable pic of a cake

6. Using a jacuzzi but not being a woman of ill repute

7. Tunes that make you feel … a bit too good

8.  Other things that make Geri feel a bit amorous

9. The weather being just like the cruel world of showbiz

10. Using the “friend” line

We’ve all had “a friend” who lost “an electrical device” at some point

11. Mel B daring her to do something via Twitter

You would have died if this kind of thing was happening back when Spicemania was at it’s height.

Mel B tweeted Geri this and she agreed to it:

And then this happened:

GeriHalliwellUK / YouTube


12. When she took the tube and live tweeted the experience

Geri used London public transport for the first time in years and decided to live tweet it

13. Her run in with what she thought might be Samuel L. Jackson

14. And instructing Twitter to find Samuel L. Jackson for her

15. Basically asking the universe where Samuel L. Jackson is

We’ve all done it

16. Geri’s final thought