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be gone

21 things that need to get in the sea

AWAY with you. We need these things banished forever.

THE FANTASTIC GET In The Sea Twitter account has one purpose – to call out ludicrous things that are happening and banish them to the sea.

And they do it with some very NSFW language and plenty of anger. All of these things need to Get. In. The. Sea:

1. This train passenger

2. Man bun royalty

3. This poor pooch

4. This unbearable hipster

5. Kit Kat’s banter brigade

6. This high fashion statement

7. These dungaree shorts

8. This proposal

9. Anything to do with the cereal cafe in London

10. This complex daily diet

11. Festive beard baubles, of course

12. Any early morning cheerful raves

13. This audacious form of transport

14. Any smug early riser with a packed schedule

15. Everything about this outfit

16. This smooth operator

17. Any business that does this

18. Out of the boot of a Morris Minor, you say? Into the sea

19. This poor, indecisive lad

20. Anything to do with the glorification of beards

21. And finally, this tattoo


Keep your eye out on the @getinthesea account for more perfectly reasonable demands.

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