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What Percent Irish Hipster Are You?
You’re hip or a drip.
18 ways people were incredible w*nkers in 2015
Ah, here.
# hipsters
Clip-on man buns are now a reality and all hope is lost
Hipster, please.
# What recession?
12 signs Dublin is really and truly losing the run of itself
Fizzy crisps anyone? Killer fades?
# tormented kale
Have some Irish food joints been using this hipster menu generator?
“I’ll have the clams and tormented watermelon please.”
# Saved by the Bell
New St. Pauli goalkeeper jersey appears to be inspired by 90s teen sitcoms
So much going on.
# pornflakes
You can now pay €16 for a box of 'artisan' cornflakes
Burn this world.
# get in the sea
11 ways people are being incredible w*nkers in 2015
Please, these people need to be stopped.
# hipsta pls
Skinny jeans now come with a worrying health warning
A woman was hospitalised with nerve damage and leg weakness.
# hipsters need not apply
This Dublin restaurant's job posting includes one VERY important stipulation
Read and weep, hipsters.
# be gone
21 things that need to get in the sea
AWAY with you. We need these things banished forever.
# damn hipsters
12 of the most unbearably hipster things to ever happen
Stop the world.
# hipsta please
This Dublin bar's 'hipster surcharge' should definitely be a real thing
Why didn’t we think of this before…
# Making A Splash
Dún Laoghaire gets go-ahead for 'urban beach' and floating pool
Coming soon to South Dublin, via Berlin…
# man with a plan
This politician wants a Portland-style bike route through south Dublin
Introducing: your friendly “neighbourhood greenway.”
# hipster hotel
Inside the first new hotel to open in Dublin for nearly 2 years... and it's so hipster it hurts
If you’ve been waiting for a room with vinyl and foosball then your prayers have been answered.
# hipsters
It's official: 'artisanal ice' is the most hipster thing ever
Regular ice is just too mainstream.
# no hipsters
This café's strict 'no hipsters' policy takes an unexpected turn
“Don’t be coming in here with your hairy faces…”
# Hip to be square
You can now do a university course in being a hipster
Because hipsters are indeed very mysterious.
# So Hip
13 dedicated hipsters who need to stop what they're doing immediately
Please cease and desist with the penny-farthings.
World Cup hangout: Belgium and Russia sent fans to sleep and Thierry Henry did 'the butterfly'
We bring you all today’s World Cup news, and build up to the big Portugal-USA game later.
# Never Forget
Old Nokia 3310s are now being sold for the same price as a smartphone
Ah, hipsters.
# morto
Hipsters hilariously lie about loving bands that don't exist
Scarlet for their mas for having them.
# hirsutes you sir
New York hipsters have created a beard transplant boom
Yes, we did say beard transplant.
# pale fail
Like your craft beers? Then you won't like this video taking the piss out of you
Can I get an arrogant bastard?
# strike a pose
Hipster Dublin club night attendees pose awkwardly for photos that are in fact videos
They went to C.U.N.T. for the craic, and now they look like goons.
# Oyonnax4life
10 signs you're a rugby hipster
What starting XV are Oyonnax putting out this week lads?
# Cringe
Jimmy Kimmel fooled more hipsters into talking about fake bands
Sharleh’ for their mas.
# Shenanigans
‘Hipsters’ are the target of new Irish tourism campaign
We’re all suitably mortified.
# #nofilter
Instagramming food actually makes it taste better
Sorry haters.
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QUIZ: Are you a closet hipster?
Find out once and for all!
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Are you following the funniest restaurant on Twitter?
This Turkish eatery really doesn’t like its customers.
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7 ways to spot an Irish hipster
Just one gear on my fixie bike.
# 'shorty jizzle'
WATCH: Hipsters lying about loving fake bands
Delightful and mortifying at the same time.
# hipsters
LeBron and Russell Westbrook brought back ridiculous NBA fashion for the play-offs
But they can pull it off, right?
# decksy midnight brothers
Have a sleepover with the Brogan brothers. No, really.
Dubs stars take to the decks at sleepover to launch new hostel in Smithfield.