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10 people who REALLY aren't being helpful about the Leaving Cert results

Read these while waiting for results, at your peril.

THE LEAVING CERT results are out this morning and people are NERVOUS.

Tweets like these… not helping.

1. The alternative job suggestions

Sounds like a valid career option tbh.

2. The alternative

Well that doesn’t sound tooooo bad?

3. A+


img_0947 Source: aspoonfulofsugarblogdotcom1


What do you mean you failed? Your nan lit a feckin’ candle!

Balkans-2901 Source: Picasa

5. It’s all a game of probability

6. Probably

7. The first reference to water charges, not bad

8. :(

9. The REAL lesson here


acarteropportunity2 Source: Acartermusic

So basically, you’re all fecked, regardless.

10. You could do worse

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