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Why getting older is secretly the greatest thing ever

There are SO many benefits to advancing years. But, sssh, don’t tell the whipper snappers.

IT’S NOT JUST fine wines and stinky cheeses. Oh no.

People also improve as the years advance.

Typically, most people are afraid of the inevitable march of time. But what if they knew how deadly gaining vintage actually was? Getting older is actually incredible, and here’s why…

Being happy staying in

Suddenly, a night in curled up on the couch sounds way more appealing than a wild night on the tiles. And you know what? You’re happier this way.

Kids and grandkids

Once you get to a certain age, you (or even the people around you) start making babies. And after another bit of time, those babies start making their OWN babies. Magical.

Sense of shame

Poof. All the insecurities, self-consciousness and awkwardness of your youth. Gone.

Parental units

As the inevitable march of time beats onward, we gain the priceless gift of getting on better with our parents. It takes a bit of time to realise that family really is the most important thing. And what are a few wrinkles in exchange for a better relationship with Mammy?

More sensible

You’ve a nicer car, go on nicer holidays, eat nicer food and live in a nicer gaff. Everything is just… Nicer.

No need to keep up appearances

What’s in the charts? Who cares. What’s the latest trend? Who cares. What’s “cool”? Who cares. You’ve let it all go – and it feels LIBERATING.

Are of you advancing years? Or are you simply old before your time, happy to act your age not your shoe size? Let us know in the comments what your favourite part of being a fogey* is.

*And you know to take that as a compliment!

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