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This mysterious giant hedgehog took over a London park this morning

The 7 foot tall creature was definitely hogging the limelight.

Source: PA Wire/Press Association Images

WHERE DID YOU come from?

That’s the question many Londoners found themselves asking a giant wooden hedgehog, which appeared on the city’s famous Clapham Common in the early hours.

Source: PA Wire/Press Association Images

The creature caused quite a stir among early morning joggers when it mysteriously emerged from hibernation, terrifying a few dogs while it was at it.

Source: PA Wire/Press Association Images

Source: PA Wire/Press Association Images

Of course it isn’t a real headgehog, sadly.

London24.com says the sculpture – which has 2,000 soft spikes and measures 12ft long by 8ft wide – took sculptor Andy Billet two months to create.

The hedgehog has been specially crafted to celebrate the launch of Sir David Attenborough’s latest nature series, which just so happens to be all about the prickly creatures.

Source: TNR Communications

You can catch Natural Curiosities on Watch from February 19th – if you happen to have the channel, that is.

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