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8 wonderful Irish gingerbread creations

We want to bite into them.

IRELAND HAS BEEN getting creative with their gingerbread.

1. The Sandymount hotel built an entire community

12243438_921416257905704_8031110393031042543_n Sandymount Hotel Sandymount Hotel

10421349_921416474572349_6954004941479502574_n Sandymount Hotel Sandymount Hotel

12241672_921416404572356_2826821520323671813_n Sandymount Hotel Sandymount Hotel

2. We won’t forget this gem from the Marker Hotel… of itself

@themarkerhotel Gingerbread Hotel. In the words of a certain Sinn Fein TD...#amazeyballs p_rowan p_rowan

3. The InterContinental in Dublin made a house you can actually sit in

10353001_10152434320871736_3485742531507350404_n DublinInterContinental DublinInterContinental

It lights up, too!

the-beautiful-huge-and Tripadvisor Tripadvisor

3. The Shelbourne’s gingerbread scene is adorable

CWVsP6eW4AETQGg Shelbourne Shelbourne

4. Pichet put some serious effort into this one

5. The Merrion hotel made the Pepper Cannister Church

12342844_10153066068682434_1894749856871036742_n Merrion Hotel Merrion Hotel

6. The Natural Bakery are known to pull out all the stops with their gingerbread mansions

7. The Meryick Hotel in Galway gave it a good go

12308494_10153211933687267_802204577356264033_n HotelMeyrick HotelMeyrick

8. And finally, this one beats the lot

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