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A little girl defiantly held a rainbow flag throughout a preacher's anti-gay rant

And now she’s going viral.

A STREET PREACHER was giving a sermon at a festival in the US on Saturday (the day after the marriage equality ruling) when a little girl approached him holding a rainbow flag.

Mara Gruber - Timeline Photos | Facebook Source: Facebook/Mara Gruber

He began addressing his sermon directly to her, saying:

This world will not give you [love]. This world will give you heartache. This world will give you divorce, this world will give you pain.

And the little girl didn’t care – she just went on silently holding her flag and high-fiving people.


Source: Ryan Bowling/YouTube

Uploader Ryan Bowling said that before the little girl arrived, the preacher’s words had a different tone:

He deflated visibly when he saw her coming. He was much more sodomy, brimstone, and bellowing until she got close to him.

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