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# girly guide
Worried you aren't girly enough? Tumblr is here to help.
Who knew that being a girl was so easily explained?

YOU MIGHT THINK that being a true girly girl is very hard.

And even though this week we’ve learned about the advent of bottled water just for girls we’re still struggling to figure out how to really grasp all things girly.

Thankfully, the truly ridiculous JustGirlyThings is here to help.

This popular Tumblr page breaks down all the things that girls supposedly love with some nice images and quotes.

It is all very illuminating.

Here is the the JustGirlyThings guide to being a true girly girl.

1. Enjoy fine dining

Just Girly Things / Tumblr

2. Pick your favourite TV family

Side note: Kim looks like she’s just woken up from a nap here.

Just Girly Things / Tumblr

3. Don’t be afraid to have lofty ambitions

Just Girly Things / Tumblr

4. Celebrate all things Irish

Just Girly Things / Tumblr

5.  Appreciate musical genius

Just Girly Things / Tumblr

6. Understand that sand is like, the WORST

Just Girly Things / Tumblr

7. Friends are good for one thing

Just Girly Things / Tumblr

8. One word: sequins

Just Girly Things / Tumblr

9. Love hurts even when you have a pillow to bury your face in

Just Girly Things / Tumblr

10. And always remember readers

Just Girly Things / Tumblr

We “truly mean it”

If this lot were not clear enough on the whole girly code then perhaps these alternatives will help.

1. Know the dangers of twerking

Just Girly Things Parody / Tumblr

2. Farting is just fine

Hollie Nichols / Tumblr

3. Listen to music while completing everyday tasks

Adrnired / Tumblr

4. Maintain a balanced diet

Order of Divergence / Tumblr

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