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6 unexpected things that happened this week

Contact lens cameras, dogs on juries and the plague – it’s all the bizarre news stories you need to know about.

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OSCAR LEVANT ONCE said that he had “erased the line between genius and insanity”.

We would never be so arrogant as to stake this claim for ourselves here at DailyEdge.ie, but you have to admit there’s something brilliant about the unusual, something compelling about the bizarre. 

To that end, we’ve rounded up all most fantastical and just plain old odd news from around the world in little manageable pieces. Let’s go, rodeo.

Google is looking at integrating cameras into contact lenses. Google announced in January that it was developing a contact lens that could continually monitor blood glucose levels for diabetics. Now it’s taking this nano-technology to creepy new heights – cameras. They would apparently be designed to help the visually impaired, but I think we all know what humanity would do with contact lens cameras. We’re literally not worthy. (IFLScience.com)

Surveys indicates that men turn into their dads at 38. A poll of 2,000 men found that 40% of men start napping in front of the TV before 40, 28% claim to have a “special chair” and 25% revealed they have danced badly at parties. Do you have a “man drawer” – or laugh at your own jokes, spend longer in the jacks, or escape to your shed for some peace? YOU COULD BE AT RISK OF DAD-ITIS. ACT NOW! (Mirror UK)

A New Jersey dog was called for jury duty. Cumberland County sent a jury summons to IV Griner – who is actually a German Shepherd. Her owner, Barrett Griner, has the suffix “IV” to his name, which is presumably where the misunderstanding arose. Unfortunately, IV didn’t end up completing her jury duty. But it’s probably not an excuse you can use next time you get called up. Woof. (Yahoo! News)

"Tell em I'm sick" Source: Imgur

A man in Oklahoma wants to open a bar in his gun range. Co-owner and general manager of the shooting range, Jeff Swanson, said he has a plan to add a bar to his premises. Apparently, an ID-scanning system will ensure that once you’ve bought a drink, you cannot shoot again that day. Oh, yes, Jeff. This plan can’t fail. (Incidentally, the original news report for this story was titled “Shots, shot, shots” by Oklahoma media. Take this seriously, guys!) (KFOR.TV 4)

A serious candidate in Meath East local elections is running for a real “Don’t Give A Feck” party. The whole thing started out as a bit of a mess for Dave Keaveney, from Duleek in Meath, but now he’s really running and wants to win. Keaveney runs a dry cleaners in the town and initially put up the poster as a joke. He says he “just wants to put a smile on people’s faces”. Mission achieved, Dave. (DailyEdge.ie)

Source: Facebook/Don't Give A Feck Party - Dave

An island that once housed those quarantined for bubonic plague is now for sale as a luxury resort. The terrifying island is in the Venetian Lagoon, called Poveglia – and it’s up for auction. It was the site of an insane asylum where a doctor performed unnecessary lobotomies and also for those suffering from the plague. The soil is a mixture of human bone and ash. Yep, perfect place for a hotel. You can check out BUT YOU CAN NEVER LEAVE. (HuffPo)

Hey you! Yes, you. You! Spotted any bizarre news in your local area? Let us know on fiona@dailyedge.ie pretty please with a cherry on top. Share the wealth! Ah, go on! 

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