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The 19 moments you need to know about from Glastonbury 2014

From the lows to the highs (of various kinds).

THE BIGGEST MUSIC festival in these islands is over for another year.

We laughed, we cried, we (literally) hurled. Here are the standout moments:

1. The weather being REALLY bad on the first day

Source: Yui Mok

Source: Yui Mok

Source: Yui Mok

2. So bad in fact that they actually had to stop the festival

Source: Yui Mok

It was during Rudimental. Yes, lightning actually struck the stage.

3. And there were unfavourable comments made

4. Arcade Fire turning out to be the Marmite of Glastonbury 2014

Source: Yui Mok

They gave a typically eccentric performance, and fans were totally divided.

There was lots of this:

And also lots of this:

5. Michael Fassbender rocking up

And sharing some bro-hugs with bearded dudes.

6. The Pixies trending on Twitter… because so many people thought their drummer looked like serial killer Harold Shipman

7. Someone saying this and accidentally summing up the Glastonbury spirit

8. Noel Gallagher, Lars Ulrich from Metallica and Bradley Cooper hanging out together

And Bradley looking absolutely DELIGHTED with himself

Source: saspg

9. Metallica absolutely killing it on the Saturday night

Source: AP/Press Association Images

10. Watched by their new biggest fan

11. And everyone at home was like

12. Someone inhaling poppers live on the BBC

State broadcaster? More like ‘what a state’ broadcaster, eh?


13. Imagine Dragons being so inexplicably popular, there were actual headlines about it

Source: nme.com

14. These hats being for sale

15. Ellie Goulding posting this awe-inspiring photo of the view from the stage on the final day

"😔 so immense, too much to take" Source: elliegoulding

16. Dolly Parton getting the biggest crowd of the festival

Source: Yui Mok

Bigger than Metallica, bigger than Arcade Fire. Immense.

17. And accidentally sparking an ‘is she miming’ controversy with this incredible note-perfect version of Jolene

Source: BBC/YouTube

There was intense debate

But she denies it. A spokesperson told the Mirror:

She sings live. Some people don’t know an amazing singer when they hear one.

18. This utterly perfect moment

19. And the moment the epic cleanup began

This is just SOME of the rubbish.

Source: PA Wire/Press Association Images

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