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17 times there was definitely a glitch in the matrix

What is going on WORLD?

SOMETIMES THE WORLD presents such ridiculous situations that it feels like you’re in a video game and it’s just glitched.

1. Like this human copy and paste

5hNELaG Source: Imgur

2. This wondrous fashion combination

glitch8 Source: Imgur

3. These number plates giving you a headache

QagBz5h Source: Imgur

4. Are they the same person?

glitch Source: Imgur

5. When trees are cut so it looks like they haven’t loaded

glitchtrees Source: Imgur

6. When you’re presented with this view

matrix1 Source: Imgur

7. Staring longingly at their twin

matrix3 Source: Imgur

8. The flip flops give it away here – it’s not a clone

flipflops2 Source: Imgur

9. Wait… how?

glitchchocolate Source: Imgur

10. The woman on the right has way more bags, but still – same person

matrix4 Source: Imgur

11. What are the actual chances of such symmetry?

A glitch in the matrix Source: Imgur

12. When the graphic doesn’t load properly

matrix5 Source: Imgur

13. It could be a mirror image

matrix7 Source: Imgur

14. It’s like a slightly older version of the same man

glitch3 Source: Imgur

15. The same person with different outfits

guysglitch Source: Imgur

16. Seriously, the world presents these situations a little too often

carglitch Source: Imgur

17. Stop now, universe, you’ve freaked us out enough

greenglitch Source: Imgur

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