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# Mind = blown

All time
An alternative tune for Happy Birthday has been found
Did you know it was originally called Good Morning to All?
# universe is conspiring
17 times there was definitely a glitch in the matrix
What is going on WORLD?
# mind blowing
17 sudden realisations that will blow your mind
Time to log off the internet.
Runners... you've been tying your laces wrong your entire life
Mind. Blown.
# revelation
You've been peeling garlic wrong your entire life
No more scratching around with those damn layers.
This sign will change the way you look at bathroom doors forever
We should have known.
# Mind = blown
Look at how incredibly complicated it is to elect Senators...
Our minds are blown. Our heads hurt.
Here's why everyone is talking about Eddie Redmayne's new role
The Oscar winner’s next role will be playing a transgender painter in The Danish Girl.
# Say what?
7 everyday items you're definitely calling the wrong name
And you hadn’t the clue, the entire damn time.
Can you make it through this article without having your mind blown?
Give it your best shot.
# up close personal
13 microscopic images that will change the way you look at the world
Want a closer look? GET READY.
# wizardry
These magical Vines will blow your mind
We’ve found the king of editing.
# today i learned
BET you didn't know these incredible facts about nature
Impress and/or annoy your friends with this amazing, baffling trivia.
# Mind = blown
16 things that will leave your mind BLOWN
Brace your brain before clicking in.
Girl painfully drinks beer through her ear
Through. Her. Ear.
# Mind = blown
8 things that genuinely seemed like they would change our lives
But probably didn’t.
# believe
Did you know Cher and Val Kilmer used to go out together?
US NEITHER! And look at them back together again.
# Hexa what now?
Mind = Blown Video of the Day
Happy Hexaflexagon Month to you and yours.