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It's not just you - that GloHealth ad is driving everyone mad

What about the dads?

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IF YOU’VE BEEN to the cinema recently, you’ve probably seen this ad for GloHealth insurance telling mother’s they’re ‘amazing’.

There’s a woman who will sit up all night with a sick child, and who will not rest until the fever has broke; who waits at the school gates rain, hail or shine; who feeds the pets, makes the beds, puts the candles on the cake, and makes your wishes for you.

Source: Glo Health/YouTube

The clip is advertising the company’s GloDoc service, which provides members with 24-hour online consultation with a GP.

The ad has received quite a bit of backlash online from people who have one simple question: What about all the dads?

Others believe it reinforces the idea that woman are supposed to do the majority of the work of the household:

Though the ad specifically mentions mothers, GloHealth say they didn’t set out to celebrate one parent over another and have not received any formal complaints about it.

A spokesperson for the company told DailyEdge.ie that the ad is the first of what will be series centred around the ‘Are Amazing’ tagline:

We are aware that there are many people who think it’s a lovely ad…. There has been a positive response to it so far.
[GloHealth] is happy it’s creating a reaction. It’s part of a series of Are Amazing ads, so on this occasion it’s celebrating mums, but by no means exclusive of any others - there could be Families Are Amazing or Dads Are Amazing ads to come.

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