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An adorable sheep-goat hybrid has been born in Kildare

The ‘geep’ was born two weeks ago to farmer Paddy Murphy of Ballymore Eustace.

A KILDARE FARMER is now the proud owner of a rare sheep-goat hybrid, or ‘geep’.

Paddy Murphy of Ballymore Eustace was surprised to find his sheep had given birth to the rare hybrid, the product of an illicit dalliance with a goat from the next field over.

Now two weeks old, the male geep has a goat-like face, woolly body, and horns that are just beginning to grow.

Murphy told the Farmer’s Journal that the kid-lamb is already “very fast” as its legs are much longer than a normal lamb’s.


He says the ewe took to the geep straight away, treating it just the same as she did her other newborns.

Does he have plans to breed any more geeps?

Oh Jesus, not at all. This has been a shock to the system, so it has.

Here’s the full interview between Paddy and the Farmer’s Journal:

Source: Irish Farmers Journal/YouTube

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