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7 things to do if you're staying in on Good Friday

You’ve got to start thinking outside the box for these holidays.

FAILED TO FIND a house party for tonight?

Or just not in the mood for carousing on this special day? Well, never fear. DailyEdge.ie is here to help you find alternatives for your Grand Friday night.

1. Learn how to cook some bangin’ fish dishes

Don’t usually cook fish? Well, Good Friday is the day to try. And if you won’t be persuaded to try blackened sole or seared monkfish, then try this pizza. See? You might have thought you didn’t like eating fish, but you’ve just got to try cooking it in different ways.

Source: Fiona Hyde/DailyEdge.ie

2. Or hit up the chipper

Traditionally, chippers did a big trade on Good Friday because no one could be bothered to cook stinky fish in their own gaffs. Sure, maybe you usually get fish ‘n’ chips when you’re battered (geddit) but make an exception for tonight.

Source: Livy/Flickr

3. Have a good moan

Here are your options: a) moan about the closure of off licences and bars on Good Friday or b) moan about the people moaning, pointing out it’s only one day of the year. Personally, we recommend going with c) – that is, avoiding both camps of moaners.

Source: wpclipart.com

4. Catch up on your stories

The remote is yours tonight. All your loved ones or flatmates will probably have sniffed out a house party or back-door style pub set-up, so this is the ideal time to binge-watch Breaking Bad and get stuck into The Killing. In peace.

Source: Imgur

5. Have a PG-13 games night

Recapture your childhood and teenage years by playing some parlour games with only a mineral to ease your nerves. We’re talking Taboo, Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, Risk, The Game of Life, the whole shebang. You’ll be surprised by how much pure, wholesome fun you have playing these games, trust us. They are gas.

Source: Flickr/peddhapati

6. Phone your mother

You haven’t done it for ages and she’ll be delighted to hear from you on a Friday night for once. Plus, if you don’t get in some brownie points then she might not give you extra roast potatoes in the roast dinner on Easter Sunday. You’ve got to get up pretty early in the morning and do some spade-work if you want to be the favourite child, after all.

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7. Feck it, actually. Just go out

Forget it, maybe you SHOULD just go out. But wait. Missed the offo? Well, you could always hit up the recesses of your long press for a few dusty, forgotten bottles of Creme de Menthe. Or else try a hotel bar. Giddy up? Giddy up indeed!

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So. What are your plans for Good Friday?

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