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11 motivational quotes and posters that won't make you puke

Believe in yourself, or something.

THE INTERNET (WE’RE looking at you Pinterest) is a hotbed of motivational quotes and posters.

Things like this:

Motivational-photos-part-3-3 Source: Dougleschan

And this:

believe-in-yourself-quote-4 Source: Picturequotes


We’ve dug out some less pukeworthy sayings you get you thinking (and believing*).

*Puke, sorry

1. To the point


2. Almost Famous <3

lester Source: @theacademy

3. Go for it, get that chocolate bar

yellow Source: Frank Kovalchjek/Flickr

4. So deep

5. #CleanEats

ce8afa56fda5138d49de377b67a6595f Source: Wp

6. The little lawnmower that could

z6sKq1v Source: Imgur

7. Wise words from The Michael Scott Paper Company

Motivational quote Source: Imgur

8. Live every week like it’s Shark Week

shark Source: imgur

9. Yeah, YOU!

i10vdBA Source: Imgur

10. Amen

way Source: imgur

11. And finally…

HappyQuoteMeme Source: BlogSpot

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