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14 reasons to believe in life after love

Ignore that voice inside you saying, ‘I really don’t think you’re strong enough’. It’s an idiot.

TODAY IS CHER’S birthday, and there is no doubt that she has given the world a lot.

Between her films, her fashion and her music, we have learned a lot from her.

Perhaps the most valuable lesson, however, is that we should believe in life after love.

If you can feel something inside you saying ‘I really don’t think you’re strong enough’, you should ignore it.  Here are 14 reasons why life after love is well worth believing in.

Feel free to soundtrack this post with the birthday girl herself.


1.  You can eat whatever you want.

Even if what you want is a double macaroni and cheese burger.  (We really want a double macaroni and cheese burger.)

2.  You get to listen to whatever you want.

…without fear of judgment, or having to compromise.

3.  You can let your lazy flag fly – there’s no one to judge you.

If you want to stay inside and watch a The Hills marathon on a sunny day there’s no one there to make you feel guilty.  (See also: blinds down, COD marathon.)

4.  You can wear your old gross comfy underwear.

No one’s going to know about it!


5.  You never have to watch a film you have no interest in.

No chick flicks/action films/boring arthouse films that make no sense – UNLESS YOU WANT THEM.

6.  You can do all your gross bodily function things in peace now.

Everybody’s got something.  Whether it’s picking skin off feet, tweezing ingrown hairs, or hunting for armpit blackheads you can do it to your heart’s desire without anyone asking what’s taking you so long in the bathroom.

Hell, you can do them while you’re watching telly if you want.

Image via Flickr/♔ Georgie R

7.  You get to take up the whole bed.

No one snoring, blanket stealing or waking you up in the morning either.

8.  No more stupid fights.

You know the ones that start with a conversation about belly button fluff but end in ‘YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND ME!’?  No more of those.

9.  You’re in charge of the remote.

All the Kardashians/matches/obscure documentaries you haven’t been watching because he/she doesn’t like them?  WATCH THEM ALL NOW!


Want to quit your job and move to Peru?  You don’t have to consult with anyone.

11.  Guilt free flirting

It’s back on the menu.

12.  You’ll get to have at least one more ‘great first date’ and ‘great first kiss’.

People in long term relationships do not have that to look forward to and those intense moments are truly magical.

13.  You no longer have to share your wardrobe.

That bad boy is yours and you can spread your shizz out however you please.

14.  You can make plans without checking in with anyone else.

You can do whatever you want, whenever you want.  Embrace the freedom!

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