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Pregnant at 10, a virgin at 60... Google searches based on age
“I’m 13 and still beastfeed”.

YOU KNOW THE way Google likes to guess what you might be searching for based on the first few letters or words you type?

Well taking a look at those searches based on age is quite the eye-opener.

YouTuber Marius B has put together a video showing a spectrum of ages from 10 up to  85.

The top searches, according to Marius B reflect the “fears, inquiries, preoccupations, obsessions and fixations of the human being at a certain age and our evolution through life”

I’m 10 and pregnant.
I’m 15 and I want a baby.
I’m 21 and still a virgin.
I’m 27 and I feel old.
I’m 30 and still live with my parents.
I’m 40 and pregnant.
I’m 50 and still a virgin.
I’m 60 and pregnant.
I’m 70 and a virgin.
I’m 80 and I’m tired.

Video here: YouTube/Marius B

Marius B explains that the search results are made in the ‘incognito’ tab with nobody signed into Google and no cookies or active search history and with a “permanent paid VPN targeting US”.

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