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The 16 absolute greatest Christmas jumpers of 2013

Tis the season for these mindbending festive creations.

IT’S DECEMBER, AND you may have noticed an increase in the number of people sporting eyeball-melting knitwear.

If not, then it’s coming soon. We have scoured the internet to find the absolute greatest Christmas jumpers available in 2013. The source of each is underneath the image.


16. This Home Alone masterpiece

Source: Selfridges

15. This Metallica magnum opus

Source: Metallica.com

14. This Die Hard tour de force

Source: Etsy

13. This cat-based meisterwerk

Source: MyUglyChristmasSweater.com

12. This He-Man grand slam

Source: 80stees.com

11. This National Lampoon beauty

Source: Etsy

10. This monument to friendship

Source: Etsy

9. This Breaking Bad piece of perfection

Source: Breaking Christmas

8. This beautifully crafted tribute to Ralphie from Christmas Story

Source: Etsy

7. This outstanding craftwork with springy Santa hat boobs

6. This simple yet effective National Lampoon symbol

Source: CafePress

5. This Grumpy Cat showpiece

Source: Etsy

4. This Jurassic Park stroke of genius

Source: Alcopop

3. This Mean Girls triumph of design

Source: Skreened

2. This Miley Cyrus treasure

Source: Etsy

1. And the official Late Late Toy Show Christmas jumper

Source: FunkyChristmasJumpers.com

As worn by Ryan Tubridy AND 11-year-old Fergal Smith from Cavan.

Source: Andres Poveda

Now, go forth and be festive!

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