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9 reasons Ireland needs Greggs right this minute

They are the pastry kings.

GREGGS IS AN absolute phenomenon in the UK – we hear about how great it is all the time.

The pastry kings have more outlets than McDonald’s over there – and there’s now even one right on our doorstep in Belfast.

We’re jealous. Ireland needs you Greggs. Why?

1. Well, we hear people are obsessed with their sausage rolls

Sausage-Roll Source: Greggs

We think we know sausage rolls here. Nothing on Greggs, apparently.

2. Their pasties are also world renowned

Cheese-Onion-Option-1 Source: Greggs

Seems like anything goes when it comes to fillings as well.

3. In fact, their menu pretty much has anything beige that has ever been invented

beige Source: Greggs

Wall-to-wall pastry beige. If a menu was designed for a hangover, this is it.

4. They have something called a sausage and bean melt

Basically, Greggs is not afraid to push the pastry boundary.

5. Greggs is the perfect romantic gift

6. They don’t just stick to delicious beige, they have plenty of sweet things too

Belgian-Bun Source: Greggs

It’s a one-stop shop.

7. Greggs is always there for you

What other bakeries are still open when the pubs close?

8. And it’s always a source of entertainment

greggsmedia3 Source: Twitter

We’re not saying this definitely will happen if Greggs comes to Ireland, but who would bet against it?

9. And finally, it’s the best culinary delight to come out of England… ever

greggscover Source: Mike Slawski

Surely, it will come. We’re waiting.

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