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14 struggles for people who grew up with only brothers

Boys will be boys.

1. You never learnt how to share food

Tommy thought about taking Jimmy's pop corn. Source: kennethkonica

There was never anything left on the table to share. And you always had your eye on how much they got.

2. The house was a trash pile of dirty clothes/gear at all times

muddy-rugby-boots Source: Thestickyfingersblog

A constant fight against mud.

3. Practicing wrestling moves on the youngest brother was standard

x1imuv Source: TinyPic

If you were the youngest, it was not good news.

4. As was being the prop for whatever ludicrous stunt they had planned that day

stunt Source: blogspot

5. Every little thing was an absurd competition

Connect 4 Source: Banalities

6. Your skills at back garden soccer needed to be on point

Jumpers for Goalposts Source: AndyWilson

7. And to stay on the Playstation you needed to have a mastery of all games

241590_full Source: Gamershell

8. The stench of this could be felt on your skin at all times

262116_1_1 Source: Yourdiscountchemist

Or Apollo.

9. Practical jokes were a daily occurrence

tumblr_n07xgitzvN1s0mbfho1_400 Source: Tumblr

10. If you were a boy, all your clothes would 100% be hand-me-downs

Clothes Pile Source: Neil T

And the good ones never got passed on.

11. There was a pointless physical fight in your gaff about once a day

OZJP2OQ Source: Imgur

12. And if they supported different soccer teams then it was all the worse

O763TGP Source: Imgur

13. Your Christmas presents to each other had about 30 seconds thought put into them

The first year my little brother gets me anything for Christmas and he gets me this... Source: Imgur

14. But you wouldn’t change it for anything*

Cousins II Source: Marina K Caprara

*except perhaps a different deodorant just ONCE.

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