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10 things you can eat but shouldn't

It gets so much worse than Tayto chocolate…

SIMON COWELL’S HUNT goes on, and this week saw online talent search The You Generation turn to fashion.

They’re on the hunt for stylists!

One of the competition ground rules is that video entries must follow the loose guideline of including “candy”.

Candy-flavoured clothes? It’s a little off the wall, but bring food into any equation and it’s bound to be better… Or is it?

Here are some weird things you can eat. (If you’re really, really hungry that is.)

1. Dancing squid

Pouring soy sauce on a recently-prepared raw squid makes the squid dance. The sodium in the soy sauce reacts with the still-active cells to make everything get jiggy and disgusting.

This is, however, a delicacy in Japan.

2. Icelandic buried shark

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Hakarl is an Icelandic dish consisting of sleeper shark cured in a hole covered with sand and stones, then hung to dry for months. Icelandic buried shark is commonly acknowledged as an “acquired taste”.

Which we presume is putting it mildly.

3. Chicken in a can

Image: via Bon Appetit

That’s right. A whole chicken. In a can. It’s an entire chicken. In a can.

4. Bacon mayonnaise

Image: via Baconnaise

People will put bacon with anything.

5. Bacon whiskey

Image: via Bacon Today

No, seriously, they will put bacon with anything.

6. Bacon lollipops

Image: via Das Foods

Believe us now about the bacon thing?

7. Eating paper

Image: via Sweet City

This might be hard for some of you to accept, but think about it. Eating paper is gross.

8. Bread heads

Image: via Inventor Spot

A baker in Thailand bakes his bread in the shape of human body parts. The very thing to bring along to the next dinner party you’re invited to!

9. Choco babies

Image: via Weird Things

These are handmade, artisan-created solid white chocolate baby heads. We’ll pass.

10. Tayto chocolate

You might think we can poke fun at Icelandic and Japanese delicacies (not to mention Americans and their bacon fetish) but we’re just as bad. Ireland gave the world Tayto chocolate bars. How could they ever forgive us?

There you have it. The grossest food going. Entries for candy-inspired clothing concoctions for The You Generation competition open until the 11th of May.

Is there anything you just would not eat? Well, why not throw it on a T-shirt and call yourself a stylist?

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