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16 memories anyone who grew up Catholic will recognise

Ah memories.

1. Figuring out what you were giving up for Lent on Pancake Tuesday

“Em… sweets! I’m giving up sweets this year.”

*horses into pancakes*

giphy (20) Source: leopoldbonaparte/Tumblr

2. And telling yourself that it was okay to break it on St. Patrick’s Day… and at your pal Aoife’s birthday party… and every Saturday

“I’m pretty sure the Bible says it’s alright to eat Rice Krispies buns at birthday parties.”

giphy (19) Source: Tumblr

3. Borrowing money from the Trócaire Box and feeling guilty about it until Christmas

trocaire Source: RTÉ Player

4. Witnessing your Mam throwing any bit of loose change she can find into the Trócaire Box on the day it’s due back in

After neglecting to put money in it for weeks.


change Source: Sean McEntee/Flickr

5. Being paranoid about your forehead looking a state on Ash Wednesday

And spending some extra time in the school bathroom strategically trying to strategically cover it with your hair.

6. Having nothing to say to the priest at confession and just making some sins up


giphy (10) Source: gifsandthingss/Tumblr

7. Or, indeed, robbing ideas from people in your class

“What are you saying to the priest?” “I’m saying sorry for the time I pushed my sister.” “Cool, I’ll go with that, too.”

giphy (11) Source: Giphy

8. Harshly judging people who received communion on the tongue

You awful craytur.

giphy (9) Source: Reddit

9. Kneeling down after receiving communion and not sitting up in your seat until you see other people doing so

*pretends to be in deep prayer*

giphy (21) Source: Giphy

10. Basing your entire opinion on a priest’s character based on how quick his Mass was

giphy (22) Source: Giphy

11. Skipping Mass and consulting one of your mates to see who said it so you could prove you were there

“It was Fr. Kelly and it was a lovely mass, so put that in your pipe and smoke it, Mam.”

giphy (16) Source: bellecs/Tumblr

12. Agonising for weeks over what to choose as your confirmation name… and then picking the most stereotypical Catholic name imaginable

“I’ve thought long and hard about it, and I’ve picked… Joseph.”

13. Feeling inexplicably guilty if you eat meat on Good Friday

giphy (12) Source: Hypeline

14. And lying to your mam about what you had for dinner just in case

“I’m having haddock. It’s soooo lovely!”

*horses into steak*

steak Source: Flickr

15. Not being able to remember 90% of what you learned in school, but still being able to remember every hymn you ever learned

*belts out Zacchaeus*

giphy (17) Source: 90s90s90s/Tumblr

16. Not being able to hear the phrase “May the force with be you” without feeling the need to say “And also with you”

giphy (18) Source: perezhilton/Tumblr

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