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This guy got drunk and designed a plane -- and now he's the toast of the internet

Fair play in fairness.

WHAT’S THE MOST exciting thing you’ve done while drunk?

Put a pizza in the oven with the package still on? Accidentally put detergent in the fridge?

Well, this lad designed an airplane.

Look at that detail!

COOu0hsWgAA0ldZ Source: spasepeople/Twitter

It’s the work of a mad genius, if you ask us.

COOu0iSWIAAtfPE Source: spasepeople/Twitter

The young man’s friend shared his creation on Twitter and it has since been retweeted over 52,000 times and counting.

The two men spoke to The Guardian about their drunken exploits today. (Although the would-be plane designer refused to be identified. Understandably.)

It all started around 11.30pm. Mark burst into the room in a drunken sway, asking where his textbooks were and after greeting me he rushed back out of the room.
My friend Cody and I both looked at Mark as he then began to spew information about his whiteboard designed craft and the calculations behind it. Cody and I were in tears from laughter because the aerospace mathematics he tried telling us about sounded like a slurred robot.

And he doesn’t recall a thing.

He doesn’t remember a thing – even the next morning at 9am. He then fell asleep in his chair and woke up about an hour later basically questioning his sanity because of the immense amount of work that was in front of him, with no memory of his motivation to do it.

The whole thing has delighted the internet who can’t wait to see what the young man comes up with next.

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