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11 people who need to be banned from Halloween

They really do not understand how this whole thing works.

1. The man who chose Ebola-themed decorations for his house this year

Ebola Halloween House Source: AP/Press Association Images

Yes, James Faulk from Dallas, Texas thought Ebola-themed decorations were entirely appropriate.

2. The baker who thinks spiders are creppy

409 Source: Know Your Meme

Spiders really crepp us out, too.

3. The person who just said ‘close enough’

bad-halloween-dec-12 Source: PopHangover

Must try harder.

4. The person who made this ghost decoration, who hasn’t the first clue what ghosts do

464 Source: Know Your Meme

DOO! Scared ya.

5. The company that made this ‘open wound’ sleeve

So I was Halloween shopping and..... I'm pretty sure nobody wants to be a spoopy vagina. Source: meheeeen

Open wound, is it? Right.

6. The person who okayed this particularly heinous misspelling

fc6 Source: Know Your Meme

7. The homeowner who thought these decorations were a funny joke

23650855_BG1 Source: WorldNow

TOO REAL. Too real.

8. The person who tried to carve a picture of their dog’s face into a pumpkin

#pumpkinfail Source: jamiesieg

9. The woman who forced her cat into a matching Halloween costume

Jonna Baquillas holds her pet, a rescued Source: Viralscape

Cat looks delighted.

10. The person who designed this packaging

Ha!!! What Fright Lights?!? Lol! Source: phraug52

11. And the guy who did this

c_limit,h_480,q_80,w_480/http://images.contentful.com/ogz4nxetbde6/46b5Ml3GAgmS2wwk08gSIo/81b77c652aed97c15ffe661d03b0d528/01-halloween-costume-fails Source: Playboy


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