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Hangover cure, games room and a date zone: Irish people and their bathrooms

Next time you’re on the phone to someone, they could be calling you from very near a toilet….

Twenty-four per cent of Irish people say they make calls in the bathroom
Twenty-four per cent of Irish people say they make calls in the bathroom

PHONE CALLS, SURFING the net, romantic moments and belting out a few tunes…a new survey has found that Irish people are increasingly using their bathrooms for ‘me-time’.

The research, carried out by Ideal Standard Ireland shows that there’s much more to the room than routine habits, with preparing for nights out, playtime and even curing a hangover high on its list of functions.

Irish people spend an average of 82 minutes a month using the room as an “escape”, while Irish men say they spend 46 minutes monthly grooming themselves. That’s compared to 175 minutes for women.

Fifty-four per cent of Irish women only trust their bathroom mirror to take a good look at themselves, while 55 per cent get ready for a big night out in the company of the toilet.

Intimate moments

And if they’re not preparing for a date in the bathroom, then they might HAVING a date in the bathroom. Irish people spend an average of 67 minutes a month having “romantic moments” with their partners, with people under thirty going well above that, averaging 170 minutes.

Fourteen per cent of parents use the bathroom as a play zone at bathtime, while sometimes that lock can be a small mercy with those with children admitting to escaping to the bathroom for some alone time.

Hello? No, I’m not on the toilet

Twenty-four per cent of Irish people make phone calls in the bathroom, 33 per cent text, 44 per cent catch up on their reading and 33 per cent practice for The X-Factor.

Finally, we don’t really want any further details about this one, but 21 per cent of Irish men say they use the bathroom as a hangover cure to recover from a “heavy night”. Hmmm.

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