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18 pictures of hangover food that will make you emotional this morning

Can’t move. Need food.

THE HANGOVER. ITS degree of horror varies every time, but there are some staple foods that are always there for you the next morning.

Prepare to drool and get a little bit shaken up looking at the pure deliciousness on show:

The instant classic

Full Irish Breakfast sans fried toast Source: michaelseangallagher

This will require the effort of cooking or leaving your house – important factors to consider.

Toast and bacon. Yes

Mmm... pepper bacon Source: jeffreyw

Anything with bacon + bread will always be a winner

Waitrose in Stroud, bacon roll - yummy!! Source: BazzaDaRambler

If you can’t handle meat, some cheese on toast could go down well

Cheesy Toast with Eggplant and Chilli Chutney - Richmond Hill Cafe and Larder Source: avlxyz

Eggs. Eggs. Eggs. Eggs. Eggs.

Parmesan Scrambled Eggs - Arcadia AUD13.50 - photo by Julia Source: avlxyz

Somebody will drive to your house and give you this in exchange for currrency

americana Source: secretlondon123

You will be required to collect it at the door though. So know the responsibilities involved when ordering.

Again, delivered straight to your place of residence

deluxe food market vegetables, rice and ribs Source: goodiesfirst

You will have to venture outside for McDonald’s nuggets, but for some it’s totally worth it

80 Chicken McNuggets!! Source: uravms

The classic breakfast roll. It contains all the vital ingredients needed to conquer any hangover

Daybreak - Breakfast Sandwich Source: Joye~

A variation on the classic. The traditional Irish delicacy of a chicken fillet roll. Available in all shops with one of those hot deli things

food-chicken-roll Source: Applegreenstores

The humble, go-to classic that is the sausage roll

Mini Sausage Rolls and Party Pies Source: avlxyz

This burger looks utterly divine. Sent from the heavens to cure your massive hunger

Burgers x Brunch Source: jonolist

This is not even available in Ireland. The only way you’ll get something like it is to do it yourself.

Triple Triple Burger Source: chief_huddleston

The effort, though.

You can make these yourself, with little to no skill needed

crisp-sandwich-2-2 Source: Thejournal

Drool at these combinations of meat and bread

Chachi's New York Style Smoked Meat Sandwich Source: Calgary Reviews

Mmm... fixed sammiches Source: jeffreyw

Thick and tasty pasta can certainly be a favourite. Bonus points if you can get somebody else to make it for you as well

Mmm... elicoidali pasta Source: jeffreyw

Any version of fish and chips will do

Fish & chips from Top of the Town in Newcastle (Northern Ireland) Source: justgrimes

Hangover be gone.

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