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# pint of milk
Milkshakes, a carvery, and soft clothes. Tell us, what's your ultimate hangover cure?
Everyone is different.
# TheFear
12 things every single one of us has done during an epic dose of The Fear
The kind of dose that lasts a week.
# Drunk Driving
One in five people have driven their car not knowing if they were over the limit from the night before
In total, 9% of people said they had knowingly been a passenger in a car in which the driver was severely hungover.
# in lego
The 8 different types of hangover, ranked from worst to best
Which one are you today?
# get the beige
13 tweets that really nail being hungover in work
Few drinks, anyone?
# lazy days
9 reasons why fatman pants are an essential item in every Irish person's wardrobe
# boiled shite
11 things only people who get terrible hangovers will understand
# In bits
Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield presented This Morning a bit worse for wear today
The National Television Awards claimed its first victims.
# In bits
Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield just presented This Morning half cut
The National Television Awards claimed its first victims.
# the beige
16 pictures that accurately describe your hangover
We’re all in this together.
# dying
The 15 levels of hangover
Hangover level: The Worst.
# hangin'
You can now get a 'hangover cure' directly into your veins in Dublin (for €200)
Here’s what it involves.
# make it end
16 photos that perfectly sum up being hungover at work
So you’ve done it again.
# all hail the beige
15 of Ireland's most beloved hangover foods, ranked from worst to best
What should come out on top?
# Garglegate
It's exactly five years since Brian Cowen gave THAT interview on Morning Ireland
Was he drunk or hungover?
# solpadeine is bae
Sorry lads - but there's actually no cure for a hangover
Drinking water before bed does NOTHING. Can you believe it?
# carb load
21 early-opening takeaways in Dublin to satisfy your hangover cravings
Bring on the beige.
# beige
The #HungoverForEquality hashtag is the best thing on Twitter today
Get some Lucozade into you Ireland. Be grand.
# the beige
18 pictures of hangover food that will make you emotional this morning
Can’t move. Need food.
# bust-head
11 old-timey words for 'hangover' we need to bring back
This crapulous bottle-ache will be the death of me.
# in a hoop
11 films guaranteed to soothe your New Year's hangover
Beige food for your brain.
# Reality check
The 15 exhausting stages of a book hangover
Everything hurts.
# scapegoat
Susan O'Keeffe would have got a better reaction 'if she said she was hungover'
The senator’s reason for missing a crucial vote on selection of members for the banking inquiry committee was criticised by some this week.
# I don't care
7 times in your life when you shouldn't care what anyone thinks of you
Because sometimes you just shouldn’t give a hoot.
# hangin'
The hangover delivery service has arrived in Galway!
# impending doom
The 11 characteristics of being hungover at work
You’ve made a terrible mistake.
# feeling peckish?
The best thing to eat in 18 countries around the world, but what about Ireland?
There must be some dish Ireland can offer to rival the likes of Malaysia’s nasi lemak or Mexico’s mole sauce.
# hungover
Where would we be without Lucozade and Ribena?
The drinks were sold by GSK for £1.35 billion today.
# Cowen talks
Brian Cowen: Things were said and written about me that went too far
The former taoiseach reveals that he felt some things written and said about him went too far in an in-depth interview with TG4 to be aired next week.
# chinese takeaway
9 foods you firmly believe will cure a hangover
But probably won’t.