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'Hangover make-up' is the new trend taking over Instagram
Please now.

MOST WOMEN WOULD agree that they don’t usually look their best when they’re hungover.

But it looks like that “slept in my make-up and feel like I could vomit any second” look is all the rage over on Instagram.

#HangoverMakeUp sees women smudging their make-up and making their eyes look puffy on purpose.

Like so.

#イガリメイク #おフェロ顏 #酔っぱらいメイク #hangovermakeup mavis__guo mavis__guo

The trend appears to have originated in South Korea and sees women drawing little bags under their eyes. (This is known as “aegyo-sal“. In Korea, a little puffy eye is believed to be a sign of youthfulness.)

Mountain trek in Sapa. Now it's time to say goodbye to @naatleung jasminlc jasminlc

#aegyo #애교 #aegyosal #cuteeyebags #makeup jessimoorerox jessimoorerox

And to achieve that redness look, you put a little blush under the eyes.

Trending in Japan: Under eye blush look. Apparently its a seductive look as it resembles the look when you are drunk x'D #undereyeblush #makeup yukolin93 yukolin93

And, yes, there are tutorials.

aegyo Sha Avery / YouTube Sha Avery / YouTube / YouTube

Will #HangoverMakeUp properly take off?

Only time will tell.

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