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10 bits of fashion-speak that should just be banned forever

Is your capsule wardrobe trans-seasonal? IS IT?

All the photos on the Wikipedia page for 'Irish cuisine' are beyond grim

We, as a nation, can do better.

eBay has used *that* Aengus Mac Grianna moment from RTÉ news in their latest US TV ad

Finally, one of Irish TV’s finest moments is going global.

Vogue Williams wrote a column calling for the internment of Muslims, and people are baffled

Vogue Williams, counter-terrorism expert?

From This has been one of the warmest years in history* What?

This has been one of the warmest years in history*

*You wouldn’t know it living here though.

From 15 movies you love that will suddenly make you feel old — because they came out 20 years ago

A teenage girl in the US was threatened with suspension for wearing this outfit

And she has absolutely called them out on Facebook.

This Dublin lad got a pizza cake for his birthday and it looks insane

Seriously. It’s a monster.

This creepy 'smartwatch' to help men get more sex has to be a joke

“Do you want to see my kitten?”

This new crisp sandwich cafe in the UK is serving some vile combinations

It would never have come about without the one in Belfast, says the owner.

Eating cereal with ice cubes is now a thing

And here’s why people do it.

From Homer and Marge are splitting up NO NO NO

Homer and Marge are splitting up

Ah here.

Australian man calmly quotes Taylor Swift in senate debate

Well, this is the most random Shake It Off reference you will ever hear.

Toronto erects bus map that looks exactly like a penis, removes it immediately

Cutting edge design over in Canada.

Women are using actual hoovers to make their arses bigger

It’s called “vacuum therapy”.

Believe it or not, this is not actually a real person

Stop technology, we’re in too deep.

This cat's sudden realisation that he's a cat is just heartbreaking

And by heartbreaking, we mean hilarious.

Steven Seagal performed for pro-Russian bikers in Crimea

Because of course.

Cement truck rear-ends car but bizarrely keeps on driving

Um… you should probably pull over.

The best news bloopers of June 2014

“That type of sh*t… stuff”.

From Man finds out live on-air that his son, missing for 11 days, was found his own basement What?

Man finds out live on-air that his son, missing for 11 days, was found his own basement

The 12-year-old boy was found behind a makeshift barricade of boxes.

Aengus Mac Grianna explains the gaffe behind THAT viral clip

Not only that, but Anne Doyle is giving him away at his wedding!

7 fan fiction storylines you won't believe actually exist

Some people have extremely active imaginations.

Stop! 2013 has a last-minute winner for 'weirdest Irish headline'

It involves an Irish model, a dead snake, and a holiday in North Korea.

Our very own Aengus Mac Grianna made it into the 2013 news blooper compilation

And boy are there some gems in there.

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