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27 pictures to make you feel instantly happier

You’re worth it.


Allow us to help things along…

This Disney security guard who asks little princesses for their autograph

He has a whole book full of them.

princesses Source: HuffPo

When the cone of shame became the cone of happiness

50dc4a45e3c7d Source: Daylol

This penguin in Norway who was knighted

Edinburgh Penguin medal Source: PA Archive/Press Association Images

Edinburgh Penguin medal Source: PA Archive/Press Association Images

These people getting bad frights


Here are some more. And even more.

This dog, duckling and rabbits shooting the breeze

This makes me happy :) - Imgur Source: Imgur

This man’s huge slipper

This picture always makes me happy. - Imgur Source: Imgur

This cat

This always makes me happy! - Imgur Source: Imgur

Michael D Higgins standing beside tall people

National Ploughing Championships Source: Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland

Michael D Higgins meets the Italy team Source: Dan Sheridan/INPHO

This YouTube comment


This sign

Ah Stop.. Source: Facebook


This pair planning their escape

caty Source: Bunny Food

This dog enjoying a cool spray

pBP53 Source: Imgur

Patrick Stewart in the bath dressed as a lobster

lob Source: @SirPatStew

Googly eyes

One pair of googly eyes, one trip to target. - Imgur Source: Imgur

edith Source: Edith With Googly Eyes

I shouldn't have bought all those googly eyes.. - Imgur Source: Imgur

Suddenly, SEAL!

And then suddenly....SEAL! - Imgur Source: Imgur

The Dozers from Fraggle Rock

dozers Source: YouTube

This goat

This goat makes me really happy. - Imgur Source: Imgur

These two together

The fact that this exists makes me happy. - Imgur Source: Imgur

Jenny the Pug

pug Source: JennyThePug.com


Prince Charles and the Dalai Lama holding hands

Dalai Lama visits UK Source: PA Archive/Press Association Images

Carl’s blue slippers




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