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17 of the hardest things about living in Dublin

It’s tough out there.

LIVING IN DUBLIN is one constant battle.

1. Public transport, in general


2. Pigeons and seagulls take no prisoners

Only the toughest flying beasts make it to Dublin.

3. Leap card funds are a constant humiliating gamble

You only topped by by €20 yesterday and now the reader is beeping like a mad yoke.

20130909_195436_richtonehdr-1 guinnesswithguarana guinnesswithguarana

4. Traffic on match days

Disaster. Usually accompanied by a bus strike, a marathon, and protest road closures.

Winter weather Dec 1st Julien Behal PA Archive Julien Behal PA Archive

5. Rentals look like this

And cost €2,000 an hour.


6. Pints cost this much

And you never see the end of this Temple Bar receipt. Just LOOK at the difference though.

7. Parking in the city is practically non-existent

Unless you’re willing to hand over 20% of your life savings upfront. Prepare to get acquainted with an umbrella, you’ll be walking a lot.

plastic-bag-headf keithschofield keithschofield

8. The Northside-Southside divide

You didn’t chose your alliance, you were born into it. Now you must defend it until your dying day, even if you treacherously move across the river in later life.

The River Liffey infomatique infomatique

9. Dealing with this the morning after a big festival

Not pictured: Puke.

Litter Problem - Henrietta Place, Dublin infomatique infomatique

10. A seat in a city centre pub is a mythical thing, every night of the week

Get used to standing.

Sinnotts fhwrdh fhwrdh

11. Coppers is almost inevitable after a night out

Some genius will always suggest Coppers as the night is coming to an end, and you will go. Your regret will take the form of many, many Jackson Court Hotel receipts for shots at 3.40am.

12. Dublin bikes

Giving anyone and every one access to a bike.

13. Tourists, everywhere

They’ll want you to give them directions, as they walk slowly in front of you. It’s the better alternative to them stopping dead in their tracks to fold out a big map though.

MOLLY MALONE - The Most Popular Lady In Town infomatique infomatique

14. The stank

A delicious aroma of hops and Liffey of a Sunday morning.

We fix guinness flavour godog godog

14. Chuggers get to you easier

There’s less room to avoid them, and there’s more of them.


15. The Viking Tour passing when you’ve a hangover


No, please, shush.

Viking splash tours 1 andrewcparnell andrewcparnell

16. Keeping up with building names

This is Lansdowne Road.

20112010-aviva-stadiums-630x423 Photocall Ireland! Photocall Ireland!

This is the Point. Not the 3 Arena, not even the O2.

The Point andrewcparnell andrewcparnell

17. Feeling lost down the country

There’s not a McDonald’s for how long? Supermacs? Sorry, no.

Irish Countryside Dougtone Dougtone

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