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Americans just discovered the glory of Hardy Bucks' shitetalking when this video blew up on Reddit
They were so confused.

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It hasn’t been on TV since 2015, but Irish people still know the lines, the characters and the unique verbal ticks of the lads from Castletown to this day.

The rest of the world? Not so much.

But yesterday, this clip of Owen Colgan as Buzz from the show shot to the front page of Reddit, and suddenly the world was very aware

hardybucks / YouTube

It would be an ~interesting~ clip to come across if you hadn’t a clue what was going on, ie everyone bar the Irish people watching.

With nearly 60,000 upvotes on Reddit, it’s taken the views on YouTube up to 1.4 million overnight.

It’s titled “Probably the best 32 seconds of TV ever recorded”

probably4 Reddit Reddit


It’s timestamped to 51 seconds in, so that it goes straight into this story:

“I was in a town before, called Langan Village… and basically there was a young lad, and he looked awfully similar to me. I thought I was fighting in the mirror, right?”

buzz hardybucks hardybucks

“Come outside the nightclub and I was like, “Do I know you from somewhere?” and he goes, “Do I know you?”, do you know? And he had, he had a Celtic jersey on but he had the green and the yellow one, right? And I was about to throw a punch, and then he… he looked at me in the eyes and I go “Do I…?”, and he goes, “Am I your father?”

buzz2 hardybucks hardybucks

And it had quite the ending:

I said to him “Am I your son?” And we just hugged it out.
It turns out that he’s no relation at all, and I just headbutted him and he got taken away. But you know, it goes to show you: people are out there, you could know them.

What an odyssey.

The comments from the predominantly American audience were mostly positive:

That was an emotional rollercoaster.
This is like an Irish Trailer Park Boys.

buzz hardybucks hardybucks

Bemusement was a common theme too:

I love how his story gives no reason for the fight. Like he was about to throw a punch just because.

All the way to pure, negative confusion:

i dont get it

It’s an acquired taste, to be fair. For Irish people stumbling across Hardy Bucks on one of the world’s biggest websites, it was surreal:

Holy f*ck. Castletown on reddit frontpage

Big day for the town.

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