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A Harry Potter fan transformed the cupboard under her stairs and it's brilliant


harry Source: Newstatesman

THE LITTLE CUPBOARD under the stairs is one of the most iconic images from the Harry Potter books and movies.

And some fans want one in their very own houses too.

So American woman and Harry Potter fan Courtney Bonnet had this little cupboard under her stairs lying empty

cupboard1 Source: Facebook

So she decided to make her own cupboard under the stairs exactly like the film – and she shared it to the Room of Requirement Harry Potter Facebook discussion group

cupboard2 Source: Facebook

She spoke to Buzzfeed about the transformation – look at the inside, her own little Harry Potter piece of heaven

cupvoard3 Source: Facebook

The wallpaper is made out of actual pages from the book, and everything inside is appropriately Potter-themed

cupboard4 Source: Facebook

She said that she wasn’t really a fan of the house originally, but the cupboard under the stairs swayed her because she knew the potential it had:

Our realtor brought us back again because my husband loved the house. He convinced me but only after agreeing I could turn the space into a Harry Potter–themed room.

Excellent work

cupboard5 Source: Facebook

hat-tip Buzzfeed

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