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This Toronto bar has wonderful details only Harry Potter fans will appreciate

Mischief managed.

IN LONDON, THERE’S a Harry Potter-themed hotel. In Orlando, there’s a whole theme park dedicated to the series. Now Toronto has its own Potter bar. (Please can Dublin be next?)

The Lockhart may appear like any old bar to regular punters, but Harry Potter fans will appreciate the subtle references to the books spread throughout.

It's happening. Can you feel it? Source: Instagram/thelockhartto

For one, it’s named after Harry’s useless Defence Against The Dark Arts professor Gilderoy Lockhart – and artwork includes this neon sign that features the last words of the series:

Soft Opening Complete! Thanks to everyone who came out to support us! Source: Instagram/thelockhartto

The walls are filled with ‘potions and elixirs’:

I spy. Moments caught from our #openingnight by @sociophilo Source: Instagram/thelockhartto

#DundasWest Find Source: Instagram/meetandeats

And the names of the cocktails (the Shacklebolt, Ludo’s Debt, and the Befuddlement Draught) will also be familiar to Potterheads:

Our dark & stormy, The #Shacklebolt. House infused spiced rum using Gosling. Source: Instagram/thelockhartto

There’s even a shoutout to the Death Eaters (boo):

#harrypotter #harrypotterworld #harrypotterforever #jalepenodeathshot #thelockhartto #improv #friends Source: Instagram/kalebbelak

The Lockhart’s owners, Matt Rocks and Paris Xerx, told NowToronto they wanted it to look like a “cool bar” to everybody, but leave something special for Potter fans:

You’d come here and see the stag’s head on the wall and go, “Wow, I love that”, but a Harry Potter fan might say, “That’s a Patronus.”

Rocks and Xerx intend on serving some form of Butterbeer “once they figure out a name that isn’t copyrighted”.

Psst! Lads, we wouldn’t bother – it tastes like sh*t. Seriously.

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