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8 struggles everyone with a common name will relate to

A constant struggle.

SO WE ALL know how tough it can be having a complicated Irish name. But what if you have a bit of a common name… like Sarah, Stephen, Conor, James, Emily…

1. You can never get your name as a work or college email

Nope, it has to be something like Damn you, Ann Carroll the first!


2. You were known as Name B in the school roll

The first Ann or Ben rarely had to put up with this kind of crap, just because their second name was ahead of yours. So they’re Ben, you’re Ben B.

MISRBK_1 Teaching Teaching

3. You can’t get a good online profile

Log into any social network after a day of it being open at BYE BYE NAME USERNAME.

giphy Giphy Giphy

4. If a story had your name in school, you were all anyone could talk about

Person_fd17d9_2637654 Funny Junk Funny Junk

5. You probably have to deal with a crap nickname

First name Andy, but have ten Andy’s in the gang? Chances are, you’ll be referred to as some bastardisation of your second name. Isn’t that right, Andy Fitzgerald, aka Fitzy?

thats-not-my-name_486 Gifstumblr Gifstumblr

6. Your exam results have been mixed up

… due to having three of the same names in one year.

7. Giving your name for loyalty cards or the doctor’s office is a constant pain

Prepare to sit through a list of addresses before they get to yours.

IigDy Imgur Imgur

8. On the upside, you can find your name on keyrings…

But yours will probably be all sold out.

Starbucks just can’t stop butchering Irish names on their cups>

Saoirse Ronan attempted to teach Stephen Colbert how to pronounce Irish names>