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11 times headlines told it exactly like it is

“Our cats understand us but they don’t really care”.

1. “You’re an idiot”

idiot Source: @bendreyfuss

2. Man’s gotta eat

eat Source: rayzdestiny on imgur

3. “Cow gets head stuck in chair”

chair Source: @taymeister90

4. Say what you see

dervla-566x500 Source: Irish Times

5. George Alamuddin

topic Source: rotzooi on imgur

6. It really was everywhere

lasagne-everywhere Source: jimromenesko.com

7. Fat shaming

regret Source: @slowslownews

8. Pulling no punches here

gop Source: Vice.com

9. It’s the shark’s world, we just live in it

10. No surprise here

cats Source: @SlowSlowNews

11. So many levels of shade

gluten Source: The Globe and Mail

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