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Cat who saved child from dog 'throws' first pitch at baseball game
Yes, you read that right.

THE HERO CAT who leapt to a small child’s aid when he was attacked by a dog has been given the honour of “throwing” the first pitch at a baseball game.

Tara the cat became an internet celebrity when she pounced on the dog who had made an aggressive move on the child.

Roger Triantafilo / YouTube

Tara was asked to open the baseball game at Bakersfield Blaze stadium in California.

We’re not going to lie, it wasn’t the greatest success, mostly because cats don’t have opposable thumbs and are not accustomed to throwing baseballs.

The ball was dangled on a string in front of Tara and her owner kind of swiped her towards it.


The four-year-old, Jeremy Triantafilo, also had a go at throwing, with considerably better results.


It’s alright Tara, you’re still a hero to us.

Extasy007 / YouTube

Hero cat saves four-year-old from savage dog>

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