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Only one in 15 people can see the hidden picture in this comic book cover

Only one in 15 people are able to spot it.

LAST MONTH, THE world was confounded by the colour of a dress. (It was blue and black, by the way.)

Now, another optical mystery has captured the attention of the internet – a secret picture hidden in this comic book cover, which is only visible to one in 15 people.

The comic’s writer, Mark Millar, asked his fans to tell him what they saw when they looked at the watch on the left-hand side of the cover:

Millar then handed it over to the artist Sean Murphy, who said that though most people only see a watch with a cracked screen, a few people should be able to see a green hourglass inside its face.

Can you see it?

CANpTztW4AAqmBh Source: Twitter

Murphy explained that only people with a certain form of colour-blindness can see the hourglass – this affects around one in 15 people, including the artist himself.

“The good news is that if you see it, there’s nothing wrong with you,” Murphy added.

Are you the one out of 15 people that can see the hourglass?

Poll Results:

Nope, it's just a watch to me. (2121)
Yup, it's like, right there. (76)

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