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This golf caddie's hipster moustache is bringing the internet much joy

We might have found golf’s very first hipster.

GOLF IS HARDLY a sport that is associated with hipsters or any semblance of cool – but this seismic event might change all that.

This guy has been on the BBC for the last couple of days because The Open golf championship is happening in Scotland and he is one of the golfer’s caddies.

He also happens to have an outrageous hipster moustache

His name is Carl Smith and he caddies for a player called Cameron Tringale. But that isn’t what has people talking – it’s all about the ‘tache.

He is the hero the internet has needed since the hipster cop a few months ago

Yes, he really does look like a classy, 1900s caddie

And his heart might very well be in Shoreditch

hipstercaddie Twitter Twitter

But he has captured our hearts

And we now know golf is next in the great hipster invasion


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