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This little girl holding an owl has become an unstoppable meme

The hero the internet needs right now.

SOMETIMES, THE INTERNET will just take something into its heart and make it so much better.

It happened with the Why You Always Lyin’ guy, and now we have a new sensation.

This little girl unhappily holding an owl was uploaded to Reddit this week

owlgirl Source: Imgur

The fine people of /r/PhotoshopBattles went to town on it, putting her into some classic situations

owlgirl2 Source: Reddit

And gave her some epic new tools


Look at her go here

3iKf7Mq Source: Imgur

She made it into Harry Potter too

HXIspwL Source: Imgur

She could be a villain in any movie


America has a new national hero now, and one everyone can get behind


The internet has a new hero now


All hail owl girl.

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