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There's been an amazing reunion just in time for Christmas

It’s The Wet Bandits!

ATTENTION ALL OF you leaving your homes unattended this Christmas.

There’s a dastardly pair ready to creep in, turn on your taps, and steal all your Elizabeth Duke.


Daniel Stern, who played Marv, the tall one in The Wet Bandits in 1990′s Home Alone, has shared a Facebook message about working with Joe Pesci on the movie, and he’s shared a reunion snap just in time for Christmas too.

home2 Source: Daniel Stern on Facebook

Stren writes:

Harry and Marv were always intended to be a classic comic duo. John Hughes wrote it that way and Chris Columbus directed it that way… Joe and I bought into that into that idea from the very beginning.
We had already done one other movie together called “I’m Dancing As Fast As I Can” so we were already friends, so when we got together for the first rehearsal we were already talking about what our comic duo was going to be.
I think we both started with some of our favorite cartoon characters: Wile E Coyote, Bugs Bunny and other classic cartoons. Our physical types were as different as Laurel and Hardy and we set about making our own version of those guys. You’ll notice Joe even invented his own cartoon language that he spews when he gets really frustrated.
The evolution of the characters and chemistry came from the love that we all had for the classic comic duos and from the brilliance of my dear friend and partner in crime, Joe Pesci.


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