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17 old Home and Away characters that will make you sick with nostalgia


TODAY MARKS THE 29th anniversary of the greatest imported after-school television programme to ever hit Network 2: Home and Away.

And looking back on some of the characters from the ’90s and ’00s will make you feel things:

1. Like the tragic story of Vinnie Patterson

vinnie Source: YouTube

Survived by VJ and Leah.

2. Donald Fisher was the headmaster you always wanted

vinnie2 Source: YouTube


3. And Tasha and Robbie worked out in the end (despite the whole cult thing)

Home And Away Source: Timeincuk

4. The Greatest Villain in TV History was Kane Phillips

e1f4383575c8e0bd3bb7a73101b463d5 Source: Pinterest

5. Perhaps only matched by Evil Angie Russell

angie Source: YouTube

6. Remember Kirsty Sutherland and her twin Jade claimed to have psychic powers

Telepathic-Non-Twins-2004-Gallery_child_P Source: D3lp4xedbqa8a5

In fairness, those psychic powers saved their lives when they got trapped down a mine shaft – so who are we to doubt their abilities?

It later turned out that they weren’t actually related though.

7. There was Shannon Reed

reed_shannon Source: Backtothebay

8. Who had a brief romance with that floppy-haired doctor Lachlan

lachlan Source: YouTube

9. You’re NOT going to the drop in centre, Dylan

dylan Source: YouTube

10. Hayley and Noah were the kind of telly couple you just couldn’t get in Ireland

1. Source: D3lp4xedbqa8a5

11. Only rivalled by Matilda and Ric

matilda Source: YouTube

12. There was Marilyn

marilyn_diner_episodic_e345_Master Source: Tvnz

13. And Sally Fletcher was a stalwart too

sally Source: YouTube

14. Remember when her imaginary childhood friend Milko turned out to be… real

milko Source: YouTube

15. Kim Hyde was involved in a particularly dramatic love triangle

Home And Away Source: Timeincuk

16. Dani Sutherland and Will Smith forever

danisutherland Source: OV

17. And finally, if you needed a lawyer in Summer Bay (probably for defending yourself from being framed – because everyone was framed for a serious crime at least once) you called Morag Bellingham

Morag Bellingham-Cornelia Frances Source: PhotoBucket

She’d get you off no bother.

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