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James Bryan reunited with pitbull Handover. via Gawker
Friends Reunited

Homeless man reunited with beloved pooch

Bringing a whole new meaning to “Lassie, come home.”

FEW THINGS MEAN more to us than a cherished pet.

Pets are particularly special to those living rough on the streets, as a much-needed source of comfort and companionship. So, for James Bryan (a homeless man living in Florida) to wake up last week with his pet dog stolen was absolutely devastating. The dog, a blue pitbull christened Handover, was Bryan’s last remaining link to his former stable life.

“Handover is my best friend. He’s my heart and soul. If anybody sees him, please bring him home,” Bryan told ABC ActionNews.

Word spread in the community about Handover’s theft and local woman Carolyn Texter, who was aware of Handover and Bryan from her work with animal rescue services, decided to help with the hunt.

She start this Facebook page – and it received thousands of likes and shares, ensuring the story went viral within days. People began to donate money, and Texter eventually raised $1,000 for the reward fund.

Image: via Facebook

By that Wednesday, Bryan was joyfully reunited with his friend Handover.

According to the search party’s Facebook page, the couple who returned Handover did not accept the reward and instead it will be donated to Bryan and Handover themselves.

Texter will now ensure the pair find a home and is looking towards getting a job for Bryan. And as for adorable pitbull Handover – he’s getting micro-chipped so he can’t go astray again.

Oh us? We’re not crying, there’s just a lot of dust in this room…

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