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10 homework struggles every Irish person will remember


WITH AN AVERAGE of 7.3 hours of homework a week, Irish students do more homework than students in almost every country in the world – except kids in Italy, who do a whopping 8 hours per week.

Those days may be far behind most of us now, but the memories of homework still linger. Painful, painful memories.

The lick that reminded the teacher to give homework

And the feeling of the whole class quietly but firmly turning on that person:

tumblr_lohd24f4gY1qd85hh Source: Tumblr

When the teacher completely forgot about it


That frisson of excitement. We’re getting away with it!

Making the decision that plagues students to this day

Do your homework straight away, and have the evening free, or hang about and relax for as long as you possibly can?

Melissa-McCarthy-falling-face-down-on-a-couch-in-Bridesmaids-GIF Source: Crushable

Hang about. Always hang about.

The Sunday night panic

a.baa-Dog-shocked-in-water Source: College Humor

Oh god, did we have Maths? (You felt the panic there, didn’t you.)

Hastily coming up with excuses for ‘forgotten’ assignments

homeworklie Source: Shutterstock

And they say you didn’t have a brain in your head – sure look at the beautiful fictions you could pull out of thin air when pressed.

Finishing up your homework right before class

“And then he woke up, and it was all a dream.”

Homework-GIFS Source: Gifsec

Look! It’s done! It’s done.

When you actually did the homework, and no one collected it

Eh, sorry? Waste our precious hours, why don’t you?

tumblr_inline_mw80ugFpUt1somqay Source: Tumblr

Those mean, mean teachers who gave you stuff to do during the mid-term break

It’s called a BREAK. Didn’t they understand what that meant?

Thinking you were getting an easy deal…

But realising that each of the three questions assigned had a multitude of parts.

Jim-in-Stress-Relief-jim-halpert-3947427-1280-720 Source: Fanpop


And always, always wishing you were doing something else

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