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13 horrifying truths that prove time is not on your side

We’re so old.

THIS STUFF IS actually real, hard, cold, factual. Read it and weep.

First off, to ease you in, these people are the same age

Which side are you on? It COULD be ok.

Both are 50

johnnydeppnigel Source: Chris Radburn/PA Wire/ Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment

Adele and Taylor Swift

p2 Source: Ian West/PA Wire/ Tammie Arroyo/AFF/EMPICS Entertainment

Zach Morris (Mark Paul Gosselaar) is the same age now as our Tubs.

p3 Source: Matt Sayles/AP/ Sean Dempsey/PA Archive/

Enda Kenny and Sting are both hitting 62 a smack.

p4 Source: Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP/ Abdeljalil Bounhar/AP

Macaulay Culkin is actually not still a child, but the same age as model Gisele Bundchen at 33.

p1 Source: Ian West/PA Archive Vince Flores/AFF/EMPICS Entertainment

Speaking of Macaulay Culkin, he starred in Home Alone in 1990. NONE of the members of One Direction were born yet

Take that one in.

onedirectionages Source: Ian West/PA Wire/

The Snapper and Circle of Friends were published in the same year, along with the creation of the World Wide Web

But don’t get us started on technology. The first Floppy Disk only stored 1.2 MB of data.

Sound Blaster Pro - Text to speech Source: Flickr

A particularly hefty gif today could be as much as 4MB.


Anyway, kids don’t even know what walkmans are!

Source: TheFineBros/YouTube

Probably even those born in 2001, who will be starting secondary school later this year

One of whom is Maddox Jolie-Pitt.

PEOPLE MADDOX JOLIE-PITT Source: AP/Press Association Images

And Ross and Rachel’s daughter Emma, from Friends

She would be 12. Harrowing. The Nokia 3210 is just two years older.


As for Friends, it’s been off the air for 10 years…


The same amount of time ago Mean Girls was released

mean girls boo you whore

But at a different high school, the Breakfast Club met for detention 20 years prior



Taylor from Hanson has five kids, Sabrina the Teenage witch has three

Merry day-after Christmas! #pajamas #lazyday Source: melissajoanhart

Italian holiday train travel, family of 7 Source: taylorhansonmusic

Hanson children, are using laptops on trains.

Kids born today will never know the beauty of a Superquinn. The last Quinnsworth shut its doors in 2001, 13 years ago

quinnsworth-2-630x420 Source: Adverts.ie

A year later, we got the euro. Remember changing them at local kiosks? Like yesterday

Imgflip Source: Wikipedia

What’s worse, is that these people think they’re old

Even those who didn’t realise that the titanic was anything but a movie


There’s no hope for you. None.


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