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This man had the sweetest surprise for his wife on their 57th anniversary

Elinor Russell was in hospital, so her husband Jim planned a special visit. D’aww.

FOR ANYONE A little bit delicate today – this might just send you over the edge.

Elinor Russell was in hospital for her 57th wedding anniversary, so her husband Jim organised a sweet surprise to make up for it.

reidhospital2 Source: Twitter/@reidrussell_

The couple used to go ballroom dancing on the weekends, so Jim dug out his tuxedo – Elinor’s granddaughters did her makeup, and the pair had dinner and chatted.

Photos of Jim’s surprise have gone massively viral on Twitter after they were shared by the couple’s granddaughter, Reid:

reidhospital`1 Source: Twitter/@reidrussell_

Elinor told ABC News:

Being in a hospital bed, you get so bored, so when they came in it made me smile like the younger days when we were dancing.

SO sweet. :’)

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